rain songs

by alexandra gordon

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released June 13, 2016

special thanks to madeline, will, sonic youth, emily gilmore, lola, blythe



all rights reserved


alexandra gordon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

L-Cat records 2016/2017 ©

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Track Name: golden hour
this is a song about riding my bike
this is a song about me listing all the ways i try to fall asleep
this is the golden hour of the day the sky after it rains
this is the sunset when it’s yellow like my coffee stained teeth

you're always tucked away tin foil in someone's wallet or pocket
there are things i would rather do than watch the weather on tv
you are poetry set to music with the volume all the way down
you’re just a figure from a dream

this is a song about a crack in the sidewalk
this is a song about me wishing every day you were right next to me
this is the latest hour for the train the tracks all covered in rain
this is the sunset when it’s yellow like my coffee stained teeth
Track Name: dust
(for mon petit prince)

maybe once day i'll go on a space ship
and maybe one day you'll go with me
start a rose garden on the moon
and move out of this glass city

someday soon i'll move a boat up a mountain
we'll play records in a house in a tree
we might not start an opera house
but i'll be fine because you're with me

probably soon this will all be gone
we can start a symphony
collecting dust on airport shelves
we'll go back to that glass city
Track Name: nimbus
was it just a dream
porcelain and gold and you were there
was it how it seems
count every notch on your bannisters and stairs

tell me are you a nimbus cloud
tell me do you make your mother proud
everything around you is a rosy sort of blue
a crack in the window where the sun can shine through

replace your teeth with apple seeds
it's a spot on the moon that looks so small
my hair it grows like weeds
float in through my window and hide inside my walls

tell me are you a nimbus cloud
tell me do you make your mother proud
where will you keep those things when you run out of space
on your bookshelf and piles next to your bed feel so out of place
Track Name: vcr
your hair looked so nice today
i couldn't tell you because
you ran out of the parking lot
rewind it like a vcr
really i would do it all over again
this is almost a love letter
Track Name: specter
will you try to pick up the phone
from a different dimension when i think i'm alone
are you living in the walls of my closet
go through my fridge or hide in my back pocket
will you take back your sweatshirt and
wear it around my room
i'll hold a seance so i can see you soon

do you care to dance with me
will you remember to haunt me
Track Name: topaz
(for blythe)

a silver hoop in your nose and a greeting card
the shade from a big tree cast on your front yard
things are on your mind like who you want to kiss
when you leave for college and who you're gonna miss
Track Name: mailbox
i can tell that time is passing
even though my watch is broken
my wallet spilled all over my bag
with your pink letter and bus tokens

where are all those people who
took up space in that big crowd
now they're living in white houses
a postage stamp, a quiet town

there were twelve letters in my mailbox
none of them were from you
there's a silver ring on my finger
and it's turning my hand blue