guest house EP

by alexandra gordon

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sometimes my body feels like a rental home but that's okay


released June 1, 2017

s/o to madeline, lake harmony, thea von harbou, coffee vending machines, getting older, sitting in empty parking lots, pocket guides



all rights reserved


alexandra gordon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

L-Cat records 2016/2017 ©

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Track Name: player 2
i'd pick like an icepick at my fingernail beds
wake up early fill my shower drain with dandelion heads
take my shoes off in the kitchen
leave them at your house instead
when i go back to get them
think of things you never said

dont leave me out
dont leave me out
dont leave me out
dont leave me out

wake up later put my coat on take the midday 44
end up at the sidewalk in front of your door
leave my sweater in your basement and
my feelings on the floor
call you again in the morning
because i had to tell you more

leave me out
leave me out
leave me out
leave me out

to dry
Track Name: rental home
how many shoulders
arms teeth legs and spines
will fall through
my two arms until i find mine

count the days like
coffee cups
fill the sinks like
broken dishes dirty mugs

do you mind if i pick myself apart at the seams
cut out all the parts rotten by sad little things
Track Name: sunburn
(words from madeline's "eyes like stars" poetry anthology)

skin peels in the summertime
upstairs bedroom, ur flippin dimes
off the nail of ur thumb n onto the bed
sheets r soft, and my face is red
when u leave me it's gonna Hurt
like knives like teeth like piles of dirt
baseball players and college boys
throwing tantrums making white noise
monday evening u break my heart
tuesday morning u pull me apart
Track Name: drive-in movie
wide eyed boy
two miles below the ground
this is not where you were meant to be

the buildings around you
are all made of glass
and there's a plane in the sky by me

y ou hold your heart like something inside it hurts
do you see the girl from your dream

she was standing
like the garden of eden
you built a tower that reached into the sky
and the hands that built
no longer inched up spines
and i hope you thought of me