dream protocols

by alexandra gordon

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released November 21, 2016

a BIG thank u to my thoughts and feelings, s/o to blythe and madeline and lola. also s/o to the moon and zelda and jupiter 5, belvoir rose lemonade and everyone i've made eye contact with on public transportation



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alexandra gordon Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: june
i want to say i’m not scared of getting old
i want to learn to skate and a hand to hold
i have dreams where i can see myself from space
or moving all my stuff into a stranger's place

i want to say i’m not scared of getting old
i want to learn to skate and a hand to hold
and i'd try to write down something that sounds sweet
but it always sounds like broken locks and keys to me

on my side it was a shadow in the dark
a movie scene it was dancing in the park
it's the quiet it's a green light to start
Track Name: one eight
she loves parties and reasons to dress up nice
she drinks strawberry lemonade with lots of ice
she buys herself flowers at the end of every week
glitter in her eyelashes when she goes to sleep

she's the dried roses hanging on your closet wall
a memory of when you loved her in the fall
she's a film flashback when everything was bright
she's the emerald green clad queen of the night

flakes of gold kept in ten thousand mason jars
she's the kind of girl you want to break your heart
maybe it's the way you'll think she's made of velvet
maybe lie to yourself and say you never felt it
Track Name: kinder
i'll keep dancing in my bedroom
in a shirt i think i outgrew
blushing for nobody
cherry coke on a train platform
but not the way that it was before
like paper boats out to sea

it's like stringing words together
like elementary school red letters
written on blocks and beads
i'll have a dream about an airplane
and the golden cities in spain
and i'll miss them in my sleep
Track Name: peach pit
when your skin had too many freckles
from where the sun was too nice to it
i'd plant my thoughts in my garden like a peach pit

you would speak a little french to me
and i'd call you on the phone
a picture in black and white
i’d put away when i get home
Track Name: toothbrush
i've been made of satin for eighteen years
and nothing feels different
your friends all cut their hair too short
and they all look the same
maybe i'll try sleeping before the sun
but i'll lose interest
i think there is only yourself left to blame
and we will remember spring
and i'll wear blue
i will write a sad song
brush my teeth and think of you
Track Name: laverne
in the first house you ever grew up in
planted a tree smaller than you were and
you haven't seen it since you backed out of the driveway
moved to a newer place where you didn’t stay

it’s a blank slate that only lasts a second
switch out the cds in your glove compartment
your name’s a question the answer is undecided
i’ll pick a new corner of my room to reside in
Track Name: mars
oh my god you snapped
jumper cables on my bloodstream
coming full circle so often
this feels like a spiral or a bad dream

whittle me down like new
i’ll become what i was before but smaller
you were gold or red or light blue
lightning before i reached my front door

pinched between the fingers of a friend
i’ll stand facing the same ocean in two separate states
each time i’ll sink more
count the dots and dashes on license plates

i can’t help but save every ticket stub
thumb tacked to my wall
you could tell them what you saw in me
and not the way i am at all
Track Name: somatics
you’ll stay putting pennies in your mouth
heads up you’re looking for good luck
you will look for aphrodite but she’s
far gone
turning thirty miles too fast stealing
road signs from the
street outside your high school
you are not a poet or a balancing act
what is the best love
you’ve never had in this world
when you hear it in your bones
and you can’t answer
Track Name: primavera
i’m not pretty like a painting like a botticelli
seven figures in a field
feet littered with orange peels

they’re drunk but not in a way that’s happy
this time i’m falling asleep
but in my own passenger’s seat

they buried your body in rome your heart is still here
drawing diamonds before the clouds
i talk but not too loud